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Exhibition Scope

The exhibition titled “Art Through the Ages”, which is part of the International Communication, Technology, Art and Design Congress and will be held for the first time, is organized by Istanbul Arel University Faculty of Communication.   Within the fields such as Photography, Graphic Design, Sculpture, Fashion Design, Painting and Original Printing, Stage-Decor and Costume Design, Ceramics and Glass, NFT, Textile Design, Video Art, Traditional Turkish Crafts, there may be works produced in the form of posters, photographs, paintings, installations, augmented, mixed reality works and video works within the scope of fiction short films, documentaries, experimental, animations, stop-motion, etc. 

Participation in the online exhibition is free of charge.  

In the exhibition to be held on 29-30 May 2024, the works produced with various techniques will be open to national, international participation and art lovers. 




  1. Participation in the exhibition to be held within the scope of the 1st International Communication, Technology, Art and Design Congress will be open to all academicians, artists and designers from Turkey and abroad and all works developed under the title of “Art Through the Ages“.
  2. Participants who want to participate in the exhibition with their work will make their  applications at the e-mail address given at
  3. You can send your high capacity works such as videos, short films and documentaries in the form of YouTube, Dailymotion link or Drive file. You should add the file link to the section named Applications- Exhibition Application- Artwork Link given at the web address.
  4. Works should be uploaded to the relevant platforms as private or unlisted. Confidentially uploaded works must be shared with the address. In addition, you should add information such as Imprint of the, summary, manifesto, short synopsis of your work in the “Add File” section in the same tab.
  5. Regardless of the type of work, the works should have a manifesto and/or short synopsis.
  6. Applications must be made by 6 March 2024, at 23:59
  7. Participants who want to participate in the exhibition with their work will not be charged any fee.
  8. In the exhibition, the works that are deemed worthy of exhibition from the works to be evaluated by the  Art Board will be exhibited online on the website and the date of exhibition will be announced to the participants separately.
  9. The works to be sent must not have been previously published and exhibited in any medium.
  10. There is no subject limitation in the art branches determined for participation. Each artist can participate in the exhibition with a maximum of 2 (two) works.
  11. The visuals of the works are shown on the social media of all units of Istanbul Arel University and It can be used for promotional or news purposes at the 1st International Congress on Communication, Technology, Art and Design.
  12. The applications of the artists who will participate in the exhibition must include the following items:

12.1. The Imprint of the Work (Name, dimensions, technique, material, year of the work) must be specified. The Manifest File link should be added to the section named Applications- Exhibition Application- Add File given on the web address. The relevant fields must be filled.

12.2. There should be no clarity problems in static works such as posters, photographs and should be transmitted via the link specified in PDF or JPEG format. 

12.3 In three-dimensional (3D) works, a monochrome background should be used in a way that does not prevent the perception of the work and it should be photographed from a maximum of four angles in total. These photographs should be placed in the presentation sheet and sent as such. These photographs should be placed in the presentation sheet and sent in this way as PDF or JPEG via the specified link.

12.4. Works produced with any of the aforementioned techniques with individual participation will be concluded positively or negatively after the exhibition referee evaluation, and the application approvals of the participants will be announced to the author by the exhibition executive board via e-mail.

12.5.  Participants are responsible for ensuring that the relevant specifications and application conditions are met.

  • Video works to be included in the exhibition can be fictional short films, documentaries, experimental, animation, stop-motion, etc. As mentioned before, the Tag of the Work (name, dimensions, technique, material, year of the work) must be specified in the manifesto. The Manifest File link the relevant fields in the Applications- Exhibition Application- given on the web address, must be filled.
  • Within the scope of Video Artwork, participants can make their exhibition applications individually or on behalf of the team. If the application is made on behalf of the team, the team leader is responsible for ensuring the conditions in the relevant specification and application. 
  • Works produced as videos should be prepared in accordance with the screening with a maximum length of 60 minutes.   
  • Movies should be framed in MPEG4 format, 1920×1080 (HD).
  • Uploaded videos must be viewable in unlisted settings for judges to access and view.
  • When naming the JPEG-formatted artwork image / MP4 format video recording, it should be uploaded including (Participant name, surname, Artwork Type_Artwork Name). For example: (AtlasErgen_Graphic Design_Future).
  • Works that do not meet the specified criteria and uploaded without editing in the desired format will not be accepted by the organizing committee.
  • The artist and designer names of the accepted works will be announced at
  1. Participants will be sent as e-catalog and a certificate of participation online, consisting of artwork images and related texts.

       14.The author is personally responsible for the accuracy of all information submitted within the scope of this exhibition and congress. The legal responsibility that may arise due to this information belongs to the participant. 

15.Any claim of copyright infringement arising from third parties on the work is the responsibility of the participant. 

  1. The author confirms and undertakes that he/she is also the owner of all intellectual property rights on the work, that he/she has all necessary rights regarding the presentation of this work and the transfer of intellectual property rights related to the work, and that he/she does not violate the intellectual property rights (copyright, patent, trademark, etc.) of any third party, that he/she does not violate the privacy rights and publicity of any person living or dead with the publication of this work, that the content does not contain any elements that will constitute a crime according to the law and that it does not fall within the scope of personal information violation.
  2. Pursuant to the PDP Legislation, The participant clarification text of the exhibition titled “Art Through the Ages” to be held within the scope of the 1st International Communication, Technology, Art and Design Congress is as follows;




About the Data Controller

According to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (hereinafter referred to as the “PDP Law”), ISTANBUL AREL UNIVERSITY is the data controller due to the processing of personal data about you. We process your personal information in accordance with the guidelines set forth below and as permitted by law. The data controllers must notify the actual persons whose personal data they process about specific issues, as stated in Article 10 of the Law regulating the Clarification Obligation, thus we would like to inform you about our personal data processing method.

Your Personal Data Processed and Your Personal Data Subject to Processing for Processing Purposes and Legal Reason; (Name/Surname, E-mail Address, Resume Information, E-mail Address, Title, Institution Information, Artist Profile Photo, Artwork Image and Dimension Information). Within the scope of our educational activities, the international visual arts exhibition, which we offer face-to-face and online within the framework of remote access, will be processed for the purposes of planning the said exhibition and educational activities within the framework of your participation as a relevant person, making simultaneous activities within the planned time periods with the fulfillment of the organization; giving you a participation certificate at the end of the exhibition; evaluating the necessary issues for statistical purposes in order to make the exhibition and determine the number of participants and to organize new exhibitions; performing the necessary works by our business units to benefit the relevant persons from the services offered by the Institution and carrying out the related business processes; informing you about the exhibitions made and to be made by the University by e-mail, etc. communication tools, publishing the works presented within the scope of  the exhibition on the internet address and using it in forms such as books, posters, etc.





Transfer of Personal Data

During the exhibition process, your personal data is collected through the Google Form System: Google Form System, whose servers are located within the institution, and your personal data will be recorded for the purposes mentioned above. The data stored within the institution will only be shared with those who are deemed eligible to access the content of the exhibition in question. We do not make any transfers to third parties within the scope we have stated, and we would like to remind you that people who access the personal data of other participants in this way will have individual responsibilities for this reason, and our University will not have any responsibility. However, your works, which will be published on the website of our University and in books, posters, etc. will be shared by third parties only with your name and surname information. 


Methods of Obtaining Personal Data and Legal Reasons

Your personal data is processed through the Google Form system With the completion of the “ICTADC 2024 EXHIBITION” form to be organized within the scope of the International Communication, Technology, Art and Design Congress, your works will be collected automatically in the electronic environment by sending them to us in digital format, communicating with us by any means and transmitting information in this way.   

5/2-p of the Law No. 6698 shall be processed within the personal data processing conditions specified in the articles of “Data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person concerned”. The works shared within the scope of the exhibition will be published in digital format and will be published on the website of our University. In this context, your personal data to be included in these presentations will be processed within the scope of Article 28/1-p of the Law (Processing of personal data for artistic, historical, literary or scientific purposes or within the scope of freedom of expression, provided that it does not violate national defense, national security, public security, public order, economic security, privacy or personal rights, or does not constitute a crime), and the provisions of the aforementioned Law will not apply to your personal data processed within the scope of this article. 

In accordance with Article 11 of the PDP Law as the Relevant Person, What are your rights listed in the article?

If you submit your requests regarding your rights to our Institution via one of the methods given below, the Institution will process them without charge as soon as reasonably possible and at the latest within thirty days. However, if the transaction requires additional costs, the fee will be charged by our Company according to the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection. As the person whose personal data is processed, we declare that you have the rights in Article 11 of the Law regulating the rights of the person concerned (learning to process personal data, requesting information about the processing, learning the suitability of the processing for the purpose, knowing the persons to whom the transfer is made, requesting the correction, deletion or destruction of incomplete or incorrect processing, requesting that all automatic transactions be notified to third parties, objecting to the analysis, requesting compensation for the damage), and we inform you that we continue our activities with the awareness that personal data security is at the forefront in all products and services, works and transactions we offer to you.





  1. The participant who wishes to submit a work in any category to the exhibition is obliged to submit the information requested from him/her accurately and to fill in the application form completely.
  2. The participant is deemed to have signed the application form submitted to him/her on the website By making this application, the Participant acknowledges that he/she has shared the personal data of himself/herself and other persons in accordance with the law. Otherwise, the legal responsibility that may arise, disputes that may arise due to the misrepresentation of information, and other obligations for the protection of data belong to the participant.
  3. Any claim of copyright infringement arising from third parties due to the use of inauthentic text, images, music, etc. in the work in which the participants participate is the responsibility of the participant.
  4. The works to participate in the exhibition must not have been shown and/or presented in any organization before. Otherwise, the legal responsibility that may arise, disputes that may arise due to the misrepresentation of information, and other obligations for the protection of data belong to the participant.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to include any damaging political element-content, a political implication, insult, unauthorized transfer of personal data, sexuality, improper use of the child, animal, and advertising in the works of art to be exhibited. 



Application Process for the Exhibition with Artwork


The last transmission and application date is March 6, 2024 at 23:59.

The works should be sent to

The e-mail addresses to be contacted in case of any problems are as follows.

Faculty of Communication, Cinema and Television – Dr. Res. Assist. Enes DONMEZ, E-Mail:

Extension: 1486



The criteria to be taken into account in the evaluation are as follows:

  • Authenticity of the work
  • The content of the message given / to be given
  • Ease of perception of the message given / to be given
  • Narrative language and fiction of the subject
  • Audiovisual nature of the narrative
  • Compliance with Basic Design principles (Hierarchy of Balance, Pattern, Rhythm, Space, Proportion, Accent, Motion, Harmony, Contrast)
  • Elements of creativity